Asian interior design is based on Feng Shui and Zen. Feng Shui deals with the positioning of objects, Zen with keeping objects to a minimum. Both seek to create a calm, peaceful home with a positive energy flow. The quality of furniture pieces is valued over quantity. Chinese furniture is mostly Chinoiserie - dark wood with hand-carved details and lined with silver, gold, deep greens, pearl or ivory with a glossy finish. In Japan, simple futons serve as bedroom and living room furniture, while dining areas consist of low tables and floor cushions. It is fine to mix colors. For the Chinese, red symbolizes good luck, black rejuvenation. Japan’s more natural and neutral colors - black, white, and green - symbolize order and definition. Chinese dragon decor and natural objects such as bamboo, stones and florals are perfect accessories. Keep as much open space as possible on the walls and floors.